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About Dungeness Unit | Meeting Information

Formerly Port Angeles Composite Squadron, the designation PCR-WA-091 relocated to Sequim Washington in 2014 to increase our accessibility to our members.  We also adopted the name Dungeness Composite Squadron to pay homage to the valley in which we reside and the other landscapes and landmarks surrounding Sequim. New members are always welcome.

The core of our squadron's function is our weekly meetings. We practice our drill and ceremonies, learn about topics such as Leadership, Aerospace, Emergency Services, and Character Development. Once a month we also have a Physical Training meeting, where we take the Cadet Physical Fitness test, or promote an active lifestyle through games and sports. Additionally,  we often have events outside our squadron's weekly meetings. This can include orientation flights in Civil Air Patrol aircraft at the local airfield, Search and Rescue Exercises, or tours of flight museums.  No matter what your interests are, our squadron has something for you.

We meet at the Sequim Middle School Cafeteria as well as having a virtual option. Please let us know if you're coming by using the "Contact Us" page.


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