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New Unit Designation, New Commander

May 4, 2021

As of 30 April 2021, Technical Flight Officer Madeline Patterson, a former Cadet of Dungeness Unit, was sworn in as the new Commander of the Flight. Patterson has been a member of Civil Air Patrol for 7 years and achieved the Eaker Award, or Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, before transitioning to Senior Member. Her interests lie in Aviation and Cadet Programs. Patterson is a Junior at the University of North Dakota studying Commercial Aviation and Spanish. Since the unit has been meeting online, she has been able to stay involved with her old unit, including stepping in as commander to help rebuild the unit. 

Dungeness Composite Squadron also recieved a new designation as a Flight, which is due to the small size of the unit. It's parent unit is Peninsula Squadron, commanded by Lt. Col. John Greco. 

"We are extremely grateful for Peninsula Squadron," TFO Patterson said. "They have been very helpful in getting our unit back on its feet and we are on track to earn the designation as a squadron very soon."

Patterson also commented on how Covid-19 has impacted this change. "We lost a lot of members in the pandemic. A lot of cadets graduated and moved away, and it has been very difficult to recruit new members because of Covid-19. We plan on executing a recruiting surge in the Summer of 2021 to help our unit regrow."

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